Hypnotic Language

{fact}, {fact}, {fact} and …

As you sit in the chair, with your eyes close, listening to my voice and finding yourself becoming more relaxed with every breath.

You came in the door, sat down, asked for some help and now you realise that you can change in an instant.


On this website, reading this flashcard, sitting in front of your computer and rapidly learning how to effectively use these language patterns. This pattern sets up a ‘yes-set’, where the client subconsciously says Yes to each statement, eroding resistance as you go so that the final suggestion is automatically accepted. An advanced form would be to turn the factual statements into questions so that you get a verbal Yes from the client.

About the author

Lee Avery

Professional Therapist, Clinical Hypnosis & NLP Trainer with over 25 years of experience in training new professionals and treating clients. He specialises in Trauma related Psychological health issues. After years of running training classes Lee has decided to publish his training materials online to further the accessibility of NLP and Hypnosis. He is an advocate for Clinical Hypnosis Excellence and is constantly looking to improve the professional standing of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy within the medical community.

He also runs Achieving Greatness a software development company producing mobile apps for the mental health community.

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