Process Change is More Valuable than Content Change

Written by Lee Avery

Our representations of reality (Maps) consist of both process (how we think) and content (what we think) and that changing the process will have a greater impact upon our behaviour than changing the content.

When hold a representation of an experience in our minds it consist of the content (people, places, times, activities) and process (sensory representations) and that by leaving the content intact but changing the sensory representations we can alter the quality of our experience. If someone is afraid of a spider it isn’t the content (the spider) that is the problem but how that has been processed internally, change the process = remove the fear.

About the author

Lee Avery

Professional Therapist, Clinical Hypnosis & NLP Trainer with over 25 years of experience in training new professionals and treating clients. He specialises in Trauma related Psychological health issues. After years of running training classes Lee has decided to publish his training materials online to further the accessibility of NLP and Hypnosis. He is an advocate for Clinical Hypnosis Excellence and is constantly looking to improve the professional standing of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy within the medical community.

He also runs Achieving Greatness a software development company producing mobile apps for the mental health community.

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